Advice & Consultancy

Gap Reviews - provide a brief 'snapshot' of an organisation, following a systematic 'fact-find' of the inputs, processes and outputs involved, in the integrated risk areas of fire, safety, security and the environment and provides a sound basis from which to establish an ongoing risk management programme.

Policy Development - in terms of health & safety, specifically, this is a statutory requirement and in most cases must be in writing, although they can also incorporate environmental, security and disaster / emergency planning procedures, to ensure that all of these management issues are fully compliment and interact appropriately.

Systems Development - to implement and effectively deliver the Policy requirements.

Training Needs Analysis (sometimes called ‘role mapping’) - offers significant productivity gains, by isolating and evaluating each individual work operation, especially if a formal analysis of organisational training requirements is also required, for instance, when seeking the 'Investors In People' award.

Risk Assessments (including Fire Risk Assessments) - to identify and evaluate the 'significant' hazards, recommend appropriate controls and document the findings, on behalf of the client, particularly where a higher level of technical expertise is required, than is available in-house (e.g. Fire Engineering etc).

Project Management - to provide independent input where close co-operation is required between various parties, such as builders and installers of specialist equipment and additionally, the provision of peripatetic advice to Clients, Planning Supervisors, Designers, Principal Contractors and Contractors.

Inspections - to examine such things as fire precautions, disability access, maintenance standards, housekeeping, employee involvement and work practices, or, indeed any specific area of operation or issue, including routine 'themed' site inspections.

Surveys - to provide more detailed assessment of vital operations and facilities.

Audits - to subject separate areas of the Fire, Safety and / or Environmental system(s) to in-depth 'critical' analysis.


Risk assessment and management

Do you want to see the real benefits that arise from effective Risk Management?

As well as providing traditional Fire, Safety, Health and Environmental consultancy advice and training, to small, medium and large organisations, in the public, private and voluntary sectors, we also offer 'highly commended' and innovative systems.

Do you want an integrated management system that delivers high quality value-added solutions?

Ours is the only Risk Management solution that actually guarantees a return on your investment. 

Health & Safety, specifically, is generally regarded as a necessary evil by most companies but with our system, the whole issue is transformed into a revenue generating opportunity for our clients.

Risk Management

Our consultancy was originally established in 1997, as an Integrated Risk Management company and our primary goal has always been to add value through effective consultancy advice and training, at a strategic and operational level.  Accordingly, we have developed a reputation for delivering high-quality services, to a broad range of organisations, from diverse sectors.

 We offer truly independent advice and our Business Link approved status means certain organisations may even be able to benefit from Government subsidies for their Risk Management requirements.

Our advisors and trainers are highly experienced and we always undertake intervention with your interests in mind, as opposed to those of others, such as your insurers or the enforcement authorities.


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